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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2011 10:31am-11:01am PST

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>> you come around here up these stairs and then -- and give us some remarks here. please welcome our mayor, a deadly -- ed lee. [applause] >> welcome back good morning. welcome to sunny san francisco.
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thank you again, in general, for your work as a chair of our fleet weak association. you have really done a tremendous job. i wanted to add to your personal story. you know, i was sent over by former mayor gavin newsom to new orleans a few years ago, and we studied what had happened there, and we realized that one of these things that had occurred in new orleans was a breakdown between city government and the neighborhoods. and such that when the hurricanes it and the flooding happened, so many people left that city, and then they did not come back, because there was no relationship between local governments in many of the neighborhoods and many of the residence. that lesson learned in my mind for a very long time. it is that much more important, general, that when you put this fleet week together, that you made disaster preparedness a
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theme, in an addition to the celebration of our armed forces. you really have touched not only our city government, you have helped me touch every neighborhood in this city. that is what we need to do in all of our cities. so thanks very much, general, for your leadership on this. thank you. [applause] i also want to thank again our honorary chair, the former secretaries. you have been such a great leader here. i want to thank you for helping us put this together. i know senator feinstein cannot be here, but again, your leadership is extremely helpful in guiding us and reminding us that we owe a great debt of gratitude to our armed forces in everything that we do in the city. i also want to thank our chief protocol officer for helping welcome all of the visitors and elected officials here as well. i also want to thank captain hardin again for an impressive
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ship we're on here today. you are occupying the very space that, in a couple of years, will hold the ships that will raise in america's cup 34. some of the 18 ships will be located right here. for now, this is a great occupancy of this particular pier, and i look forward to this afternoon when i have time to be able to see all of the equipment located upstairs as the sun comes shining out. you know, every year, fleet week is, of course, paying tribute to our women and men that are probably serving in our navy, coast guard, and marines. it is remarkable that in recent years, this week has developed into much more than just a sights and sounds of the parade of ships and the blue angels, as i said earlier. the newly established focus on disaster preparedness is an ina valuable thing for our city. since 2004, our city has
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conducted approximately 100 disaster exercises with the department of emergency management. approximately 250 training exercises and workshops city- wide have been conducted with first responders and other key city officials. many of these training and exercises have gone well beyond our government agencies, and they now incorporate non- government, eight -- faith- based, and it committee-based organizations, businesses, and schools. we have revamped our cities outdoor public warning system, using homeland security funding, and today, there are 109 sirens with voice and tone capabilities located throughout the city. as part of our regular exercise on tuesday afternoons in our noon testing, we record announcements and announce them in english, and there followed by announcements in spanish and chinese in some of the areas.
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we also enacted alertsf, sending a personal use on a weekly basis to make sure that things are correctly being sent out to all of our citizens who sign up. that text-based message system delivers emergency information to cell phones, pda's, e-mail accounts, and to date, 16,500 have signed up for alertsf. we also have our award winning website, that provides information on how to a great family emergency plan, build a disaster kids, and get involved in training before disaster occurs in volunteering to help out afterwards. that information, again, is available in english, spanish, chinese, russia, -- russian, and vietnamese. in addition, we also have a fun website, a web site called
10:56 am, where it tests the knowledge of what to do when an earthquake strikes while you're at home, you're driving, you are on public transit, or even at the beach or at work. we have also enhanced our preparedness throughout the city department from using homeland security funds to conduct training, planning, and exercises, as well as purchase valuable equipment. since 2003, san francisco and the bay area region have received approximately $322 in homeland security grants precisely for that training and equipment. some of our other major accomplishments in emergency management include renovating our city's emergency operations center, adding state of the art technology and equipment. we have continued to revive our disaster council, which i had, and expanding the council to include not only our emergency management partners that nonprofit community, labor, and
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business associates. purchasing major emergency response equipment, using homeland security grants, that include field care clinics and care and shelter trailers. in fact, i have been personally involved in recruiting and training people to help our department of public health erect those field care clinics in precisely the time its takes in a very quick fashion. we're training people and volunteers to do that exactly. and we have earned the national weather service designations for storm-ready and tsunami-ready designations. in addition to these efforts, it is isn't so that we all work together and share the best practices -- it is essential that we all work together ensure the best practices so we can better respond to emergencies. this one and a half day seminar is a truly unique learning in relationship-building opportunity for all of us. representatives from a broad
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range of agencies at the local, state, and federal level have come together for this seminar and for the tabletop exercise that was conducted by our dem earlier this month. we're getting to know each other, but individually and organizationally. in advance of the next disaster. that is really what we want to be able to emphasize most. we need to do more in advance. we need to prepare people in advance. we need to keep practicing, because every time we looked around, there is new people coming into the city. there is additional immigrants to do not speak english as their national language. their new neighborhoods and new parts of our neighborhood that are already -- always being developed. we need to get all involved. we need to involve everybody. that is why i am so proud to head up this effort and to join the secretary, join the major, and all of the volunteers in our fleet week to join in our effort to make sure that we do our best.
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this seminar is exactly that focus. thank you very much, and i hope you enjoy your stay here today. thank you. [applause] >> you can see that it is amazing. you can hear that it is refreshing. you reach for it because it is irresistible. and the taste. simply delicious. san francisco tap water. it engages the senses. 311 is an important resource for all san franciscans. shouldld
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